2009.2 制作


「The love which accelerates」

「The love which overfrows」の続きの作品です。わくわくする時間もだんだんとおちついてきて、いよいよハッキリとした形に進もうと思う段階です。

work date 2009.2

I made it at the same time.
Although love is slowly over time, Every time we meet and talk about various things, Heat up steadily, I will not be able to stay even if I stay.
Sorry for not having fun, Try asking the basic content matter, I feel happy as to the attitude of the other person. People in love are busy and hard.

「The love which accelerates」

This is the work of 「The love which overflows」. The exciting time has also gradually stabilized, It is a stage where I think that it is going to proceed to the form which is clearly finished.
The image is acceleration. The relationship between two people steadily and steadily accelerates, From one form to two changes ,,,