as macaroni as

2014.6 制作

「as macaroni as」は、「について」や「として」などの意味がありますが、一つづつのコトバにすると、「間」という意味だったり、「間隔」や「同じくらいに」などの意味もあります。

「ウメは、サイタかぁ、、、サクラは マダカイナ。」


work date 2014.6

Macaroni wants has shortened the distance between the two people. There is a kiss as one of its attitudes, It was hard to shorten the distance and the mouth finally stretched.
“as macaroni as” There are meanings such as for and about, In terms of each word, space, It means that, There are meanings such as interval and same.

「Ume wa, saita kā,,, sakura wa madakaina.」

By chance, just right, It seems that it overlapped with the time when it was springing, It seems to be spring, I tried to express frustrating feeling I wonder if it will become warmer.
This original word, It seems to be Ozashiki Uta at Edo song. In February, Plum blossoms will bloom all the way in March. Associating while watching the plums that bloomed, Are words that come to mind. I do not know when or heard, When the plum flowers begin to bloom, This Ozashiki Uta will float always.