2015.10 制作




work date 2015.10 

The ashiburakun series became a cooking book and sold it. It is what was created at the time of the 「Vol5 of 10zine」. My favorite macaroni-kun and fried chicken-kun, shrimp’s like, It is only how to make gratin ,,, lol

I tried to color the ashiburakun. Than usual of surreal impression, The casual and cute impression became strong. Not limited to this work, Ashibura-kun with color, It is also on sale as a 「LINEstamp」.

Ashiburakun series, In ordinary casual behavior or in difficult times or sad times, In playful gesture and loose attitude, Okay not have to think so much desperate, Slowly, slowly, Was born and so as to be able to speak gently. I also, as is the case, When even scary anxiety when the stress is accumulated frustrating also, ,,, so that you remember the ashiburakun.