beyond of edamame

2014.6 制作


「そして、カナタから 戻ってきたゼ(z)」


work date 2014.6 

「Z」 in the alphabet, is the very last word. Finally it returns to the first. Any thing, any animal, any plant, whatever it is, If it comes to the end it means returning to the beginning, It seems to be a universal matter of mankind such as circulation, ring regeneration, causal response and so on.
「Yonder」 of 「kanata」 has meaning such as 「there」 「over there」 「there」 and 「there」 「Beyond」 has a curved sound such as 「over」, 「over there」 and 「after」. I tried to be conscious of coming back.

「Soshite, kanata kara modottekita ze (z )」

From 2009 to around 2012, It was a busy time to act with love and courage. I think that it was fulfilling as it was, I was feeling uneasy and somewhat concerned with a little thing as much. From other people’s perspective, Dangerous, It would have been a man of restless. Love also approaches the end, And breath, When heading to the next stage, I realized that I spun around and returned to the beginning. what, Was it first returned.