2012.9 制作


「イツモの時間。いつもの日々に。ワタシは 必要ないミタイ デス。」


work date 2012.9 

Cheese is my favorite food. It is definitely in western food, There are also those that are applied to the top of the food. of course, My favorite gratin also. That cheese ’s, Taste and smell whets my appetite.

「Itsumo no jikan. Itsumo no hibi ni. Watashi wa hitsuyōna i Mitaidesu.」

The way of rebellion is finally getting fucked up. I feel like wanting to hit something. Because there was a stone in front of me, I kicked it. I feel a little sick. Heart of emptiness is reflected in the body, It has become full of holes. Even though the stone did not hit it, My body is cold and it seems to freeze.