2013.6 制作




work date 2013.6

This is edamame. Edamame is edamame. It fits the beer’s accompanying, that, It is edamame. Beans, Although some can be eaten with bark, I like to eat beans themselves. When peeling the bark, The smell of green smells the appetite. I often eat it with beer, I eat it as a side dish. As one of side dishes.

「Kono kyomu o dōnika shite kure,,,」

Sometimes, When alive, The occasional, It might be attacked by emptiness. If you do not think about anything, If the refusal to think, No big deal, It may not be casual. If the meaning is not, I do not think that it is worthless. Just, To live, Drinking, eating, laughing, occasionally crying, Once in a while as I watch the morning sun or the sunset, Leaning against the trees Today, Sometimes, Everyday being attacked by emptiness.