fly! fried-chicken

2016.3 制作


「fly !」

「fly !」と「fried」というコトバを掛けています。

work date 2016.3

Fried chicken and karaage are also my favorite foods. Especially tebamoto is a feast from a childhood time, Parents gave me fried well. However, tebamoto, Eating is bad?, only eat thick part of the middle, I left both end parts at all times. In an extremely troublesome situation, Somehow I felt bad feelings, I remember somewhat leaving behind.

「fly !」

To live is, Fun things and happy things, It is not just wakuwaku and ukiuki. Whether it is flat and boring everyday, There are things that I feel depressed and motivated, I felt that sorrow had flowed and wanted to be out of this world ,,, Rather, It is reality that there are many difficulties and hardships. Rather than thinking of being alive, Or Let’s live for what, It is easier to live for those who think of living for whom. If the is difficult to think about, jump! For one thing. Fly by body, Try flying in dance, Fly hard!
I’m multiplying the words 「fly!」 and 「fried」.