2008.10 制作





「look at the oher way」


work date 2008.10 

The time to think about my own stance and the appearance has increased, whether it has calmed down a little. Originally it is a type that always makes your own question from usual, I thought whether I could make something useful for the design.

I do not like to do the same things as people do. It also includes clothes and behavior. When I am in junior high and high school, I especially dislike uniforms, Shortening the length of the skirt is also a pity for the time and effort, It was as it was. It is not a serious student, When it gets dirty, I do not have time to wash it as it is, The thought of being troublesome stood first.

Now thinking about it, I think that it was a little poor school uniform.

During the school days, It was such a time that I was waiting waiting for the time to pass too early. I will not go until I kill my breath, I felt quiet and waited for time to pass. It is not just a story of uniforms, For the time of the student, Everything is cold and dark, such as the fog was dense, It was time.

「look at the oher way」

Since giraffe is surreal and pretty and its neck is long, The state of copying to the right is easy to understand, It became a work that included humor even in cute.