2013.6 制作


「黄昏が、コトバにできないほど 美しい、、、アナタと同じ くらいに、、、」


work date 2013.6

I really want to eat a hamburger. I have been eating well since I was young, When the eating habits and the environment is changed, Become estranged, Recently, it has become whether to eat once a month. As in the imprinting of the chicks, Or rather taste, Is it a habit, I want to eat. Especially french fries can not be removed. Arrows are going up and down, Not as Japanese, I tried to express the intonation of how to speak authentically. It is pronunciation in English.

「Tasogare ga, kotoba ni dekinai hodo utsukushī,,, anata to onaji kurai ni,,,」

Well say stinking serif a little fun, I tried to express in the hamburger. With the hamburger ‘s atmosphere and striking feet, I created a cute and foolish feeling. In between the lovers, Serifs who think smelly are also beautiful, It will resonate in my mind. The two people who each other staring, It seems that there is nothing to do with objective things. But, not only love, I do not think anything blindly falling in love is a good thing. I think that such a time is also necessary, I think that it is necessary also to go back to me once.