invisible one

2017.6 制作




work date 2017.6

Can juice is full of stomach and it is hot. Actually, I drank alcohol. I sigh inadvertently from my hot face ,,,
I thought that juice was contained in the can, but it was alcohol.


Although the label is a can juice, If you drink alcohol you drink, I think that it is close to fraud. There is not much to say that it is outright disparate, I tried doing something different, When you meet, something is different, It is common that appearance and actual are different.
There are things that are hidden in appearance and contents are invisible and those that are visible and invisible. Recognizing only what is visible in the table, I do not know the essence of things, By looking at different contents and seeing something invisible, I lose balance and unease in my mind. Be careful not to become unstable with both body and mind.