2011.4 制作


「don’t you think? me, very very I love you. it is the same smell…」


work date 2011.4

Lama is a camelid animal. It is also called Llama. I live in the Andes of South America. It is kept as livestock in mountainous areas of Bolivia and Peru, It is an animal commonly seen in zoos in Japan. The body length is about 2 M and the eyes are patchy, Very adorable, Because it is quiet, I made this design.

「don’t you think? me,very very I love is the same smell…」

The more I like it, All of you will love it. Sometimes it smells, It is a gesture, A little attitude. The smell, It directly connects to the head and back of the heart. If it is the same smell as yourself, Especially love affection increased, I would like to be your all.