2012.1 制作

ちょっと違うジャンルも描きたいなぁ、動物たちばっかもそろそろ飽きてきたなぁと思い始めた時に、福岡で「10zine」というzine(リトルプレス・小冊子)を作る有志の会でメンバーを募集していたので、参加することにしました。本が好きで読むことがもともと好きなワタシなので、それを自分で作ってみたいと思ったのでした。このロゴは「girls ZINE」に「10zine」の一部として掲載されました。


work date 2012.1

I want to draw also a little different genres, Not only animals, When I began to think I got bored, Since we were recruiting members at a volunteer group who made a booklet named 「10zine」 in Fukuoka, I decided to participate. I like books and I like to read, I thought that I would like to make it myself. This logo「girls ZINE」at「10zine」It was published as part of.

In this design, I made it because I needed a logo to make my own member page. As it was also the image to the animals, I thought about trying to imagine the fact that I eat it this time. It is like food. There are various kinds of food, There are likes and dislikes, Depending on animals and people the subjects of eating change, Image will continue to expand. The act of eating, Sometimes robbing, Sometimes giving, Sometimes I think that it is a matter that includes universal elements of humanity.