2007.7 制作



「five piglets hurrying, five piglets where it goes?」


work date 2007.7 

Since I was an elementary student I dreamed of painter. In middle and high school students I dreamed of a novelist. I dropped on the way, It was a time when I started drawing illustrations and designs in which pictures and words merged, Although it was not an emphasis of eyelashes, I designed it using red and pink etc. Pink which is close to red appears in a very attractive color, It is certainly a color motivating for me.

Just during this period, the design of T-shirts, logos, Services were enriched in various forms. T-shirt specialized events and work presentations on the net, The environment where designer debut was easy to feel free was in place.

「five piglets hurrying, five piglets where it goes?」

It seems that 5 pigs go out in a hurry somewhere.
Why do you think she is a pig, please put it ,,,laugh!
Did you feel frustrated? Anyhow, I expressed my desire to go somewhere in a hurry. In the evening, it was somewhat painful, I thought that I wanted to go somewhere from anywhere.
Now I feel strongly that I want to return home as soon as possible ,,, laugh!