2009.10 制作


「you are loved… you just where thought,cry…」


work date 2009.10

It looks pretty, I am weak, It is a small animal that seems to be able to only escape. It is vulnerable to stress, It may be a lonely and dead animal. The estrus period is loose and multifaceted, Fertility and dedication, It is regarded as a symbol of sex. Because it is a weak animal, I will survive and eliminate estrus period, We are now able to do reproductive activities throughout the year. It is also in the image that it is cheerful and has a sense of casualness.

「you are loved… you just where thought,cry…」

In this design, It is a cry rabbit. If anything, I am imagining a rabbit crying soon with loneliness. Emotions like love, It is gradually increasing, Every time I think of a partner I can cry.
I am happy that I am happy to meet you, I am going to cry. I’m glad and painful and I cry.