2016.3 制作


「life is slope」


work date 2016.3 

Tilt the bottle when shaking salt, I will turn it upside down. Sometimes you may pick salt directly, This time is a story about salt that entered the bottle. But, is not a story of the salt itself. To the last, in a bottle containing salt, It is a story tilted.
「Katayoru」 is, It means 「Biased」. 「Biased way of thinking」 and 「biased view」 「one’s inclination」 「Prejudice」. This time not the inclination, I realized that things and shapes and things themselves will become oblique.

「Jinsei ga katayoru、、、」
「life is slope」

As before from 「oblique」, 「shaded」, 「skewed」 and so on, It seems not used a very good sense. Things rather than from the front, It is often said that looking diagonally is not a good thing. However, it is important to grasp as it is, I think that there is something that leads to the rebellious spirit in places somewhere standing diagonally. Is this right, I think that it is also necessary to always ask yourself whether it is a problem with this.